Friday, June 4, 2010

School and Work

Hello Fellow Bloggers,Sometimes it can be very stressful going to school fulltime as well as working fulltime. I am glad that i do have the oppotunie to go to school online, it makes everything alittle more easy for me. My job is pretty much the same as a secertery,so i have times where i can sit and do my homework at work.I am very deticated to my school work and i know that if i stick it out and graduate my hard work will pay off. I really enjoy reading and writing and alot of the time i am so busy and do not have time to do either. I have been working on a schedule for school and work so i have more time to do the things i enjoy. I have not finished the schedule but would like some helpful tips. If anyone can give me some insight it would be apperitiated. I guess this is it for now.

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