Saturday, June 26, 2010

Work and School

Hello Follow bloggers, I am having a hard time juggling school and work. It seems like every time i try to get ahead, i fall back to where i was. One of the main reason i decided to take online classes was to better suit my time. Now that i am in online classes it seems to be much more challenging. It's not that i don't like the challenge, it's just too much sometimes. All i try and think about is that i will be graduating soon and I'll have an awesome career. This is what keeps me motivated everyday. I just registered for my next two classes which are AP 2, and Automation class. I also found out that i could register for October classes too. In October i will be taking 3 classes, that i have never done. I have taken classes that have taught you how to manage classes and found ways to keep organized. This does not work for me. I am very unorganized at times and it seems to work for me. I guess this is it for now.

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