Tuesday, June 29, 2010

North Carolina

Hello Follow bloggers, Here in the next few days i will be taking my vaction in North Carolina. I have visited this state before many times. The reason i am going is to see my best friend Samantha and bring her back to live with me. I will be driving down there with my boyfriend and my brother in law. This trip will take about 14 hours and let me tell you i am not looking forward to this drive. I really hope that i get to enjoy the sun while i am out there. I guess this is it for now.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Work and School

Hello Follow bloggers, I am having a hard time juggling school and work. It seems like every time i try to get ahead, i fall back to where i was. One of the main reason i decided to take online classes was to better suit my time. Now that i am in online classes it seems to be much more challenging. It's not that i don't like the challenge, it's just too much sometimes. All i try and think about is that i will be graduating soon and I'll have an awesome career. This is what keeps me motivated everyday. I just registered for my next two classes which are AP 2, and Automation class. I also found out that i could register for October classes too. In October i will be taking 3 classes, that i have never done. I have taken classes that have taught you how to manage classes and found ways to keep organized. This does not work for me. I am very unorganized at times and it seems to work for me. I guess this is it for now.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Vacation.

Well my vacation is coming up pretty fast and it might sound kind of weird but i am nervous about taking this trip. I will be going on a cruise with my mother, aunt, grandma, and cousins to the Bahamas. It is a 6 day 7 night cruise and i am so scared that something will happen. I am a constant worrier and i have panic attacks in certain situations.On the bright side of it i have never been to a foreign country or even a ship for that matter. This is not something that i would normally do but i agree on going for my grandma. I really am looking forward to not having to work, can't wait to just relax.I defiantly will have to make sure that i have all my homework done so i am not doing it on the cruise. That wouldn't be much of a vacation if i had to worry about my responsibilities. Well this is it for now. Thanks for reading.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Race weekend

Well last weekend was our Nascar weekend. I work at a hotel and every year in june and Auguest we have the races. It can be fun having to deal with everything but it can be chaos. We sometimes have guest that give out shirts, mugs and all kinds of cool stuff. The whole work place works together as a team to make sure our guest have a pleasant stay and come back next year. The people that live in Jackson and Brooklyn are great and they deal with this event very well. Stores seem to mark there prices higher than normal because we get so many people. The people out here make out of town people feel like guest, every store has welcome signs on their doors as well. I can't wait for the next race. I guess this is it for now.

Friday, June 4, 2010

School and Work

Hello Fellow Bloggers,Sometimes it can be very stressful going to school fulltime as well as working fulltime. I am glad that i do have the oppotunie to go to school online, it makes everything alittle more easy for me. My job is pretty much the same as a secertery,so i have times where i can sit and do my homework at work.I am very deticated to my school work and i know that if i stick it out and graduate my hard work will pay off. I really enjoy reading and writing and alot of the time i am so busy and do not have time to do either. I have been working on a schedule for school and work so i have more time to do the things i enjoy. I have not finished the schedule but would like some helpful tips. If anyone can give me some insight it would be apperitiated. I guess this is it for now.